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Sean Parker says ‘The Social Network’ is fiction –

I saw this article a few days ago on CNN, in which Napster founder Sean Parker sets straight the differences between himself and the character portrayed in the movie The Social Network. I saw the movie, twice. It was one of those movie that gets your attention and doesn’t let go. When I first heard that Justin Timberlake was to be in the movie, I have to admit I was a little unsure about him and his acting abilities. Yet I was impressed; he was convincing as the Napster founder who was both genius and partier.  This brings me back to the article, and how Sean Parker objected to his screen portrayal.

Can a movie based on a true story hold it’s own just on the story? I had a discussion with a friend a while back about this very topic. She explained that one of the major flaws of most movies based on true stories is that the main (or true) character doesn’t change. Instead, it is the main character that changes everyone around him or her. In order to turn these true stories into something that audiences will enjoy, characters are frequently changed, which sometimes means making enemies out of characters who were never anything like their character on screen. This implies that movies based on true stories may not be that true at all.

Is this something that should be allowed? Is this right or wrong? This is something I would like to hear about from my readers.

The Social Network just won the Golden just won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – drama, and just grabbed an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, announced announced. This serves as a testament not only to the film’s originality and ambition, but also to the fact that it helps us visualize a development which has come to change how we live. So it seems, for at least the Social Network fact isn’t always better.


What a great day!

This morning, before heading to work and class, I watched the first new episode of Community, which aired last night on NBC. For the past year now, Community has been hands down my favorite show, for a number of reasons. First, let me start off by stating that I am a big fan of NBC comedies. I followed the Office and 30 Rock before I found Community, and what I realized is that I love the style of comedy that NBC has picked up on.

The absence of a laugh track is by far the most obvious, and in my opinion one of the most important. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a fan of traditional sitcoms (with the Big Bang Theory being my current favorite), but I find it more interesting when watching shows that lack a laugh track with others. What some people find funny others might not, which I think gives people the freedom to find their own likes/dislikes about a particular show. On the other hand, a laugh track restricts the individual to only find humor in what the laugh track tells them is funny; therefore, if you don’t like what the laugh track finds funny, you most likely won’t get the show.

This leads into my second reason for my love of Community: the constant pop culture references. Now, I’m not just talking about pop culture from the past couple of years, but those that my parents would understand as well. This broad range of references allows people of different ages to enjoy the show, again pointing to individual likes/dislikes.

The third reason for my love of Community is the range of characters that make up the show. Each and every one is different, and they all have their own appeals as well as their own flaws. This  leads to another difference between shows of this style and the traditional sitcom. While sitcoms do have story-lines that carry from episode to episode, these tend to be very broad overreaching concepts, such as a key relationship. With Community, several of the jokes are based on past episodes that, unless you have followed the show from the beginning, the viewer probably would not get. Some of these are direct references, while others are more subtle.

For these reasons and many more, Community is my favorite show on television. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out an episode either on hulu or project free tv. I’d love to hear other peoples’ thoughts and opinions on the show!

Community on Wikipedia

Community homepage on NBC

The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo releases details about its hand-held, 3-D gaming system –

Well, I guess this is the future of all gaming. Not only has 3-D gaming changed the movies and game consoles in 2010, but is ready to move into hand-held gaming this year. I still remember how excited I was when I got my Nintendo 64 all those years ago…

I remember talking to my cousin a while back about how improvements in video game graphics have nearly reached their limit, and how companies will have to start competing on other grounds; if anything, I would view 3-D as the final frontier of graphic development.

The current battle ground is social networking (I cannot say this is new, as online gaming has been around for several years). What I can say though is that I feel Nintendo’s strategy is somewhat clever in that they are not competing directly with Microsoft and Sony.This was evident is the marketing strategy that Nintendo took when introducing the Wii; the console was presented as more of a family entertainment system. The fact that Wii has outsold both PS3 and Xbox 360 shows that this wasn’t a bad strategy, and in doing so showed that video games can pertain to more people than just the teenager.

I am excited to see how the 3DS performs this year. The fact that the hand-held system won the Best of Show at E3 I feel is a good sign.  Nintendo broke barrier the into a whole untapped market with the Wii, and it’s possible they might do it again.

Why I Love 30 Rock

On December 29th, Mark Marino posted on the Marquee Blog (through CNN) that the NBC comedy 30 Rock is the biggest ethics violator on television. This is according to the Global Compliance, a training organization dedicated to helping businesses “… achieve the highest degree of ethical behavior and compliance” (found on their about page). The organization claims that although these jokes may be funny, efforts should be taken to minimize their effects in the work place, emphasizing that these shows do not demonstrate proper office behavior.

NO KIDDING! For one, I believe that the reason why these “violations” are funny is because they exemplify how we shouldn’t act. We laugh at Jack for his sexist remark not because we agree with it, but rather because we see how ridiculous it is to make such a statement. 30 Rock, personally one of my favorite shows on right now, I take as a complete parody of the television business, from Liz Lemon’s circus of a writing staff up the Jack’s executive office. Sometimes, I think we need to just relax, not take ourselves so seriously and just enjoy some shows for what they are. If it wasn’t for these comedies, would we be any more ethical?

I agree with Mark Rawden from Cinemablend on his feeling that this would be really funny if it were a joke. Maybe 30 Rock will do what it does best, and make a joke out of this.

Link to CNN article

the Gen-Y Student

My name is Jamie, and as the name suggests, I am from Generation Y. I was born in 1990,  spent my childhood playing Nintendo 64 and Pokemon, grew up in the shadow of 9-11, and now own a blackberry. I am currently a junior at a university in Washington, DC studying business, marketing and sociology.

My interest in blogging started last year, when I experimented with a blog that took a deeper look at popular culture. I am a very serious student, yet at the same time obsessed with NBC comedies, music of all genres, and can easily become obsessed with a new movie. The idea that my academic interests and pop culture interests could be combined was the initial inspiration for my first blog.

When coming up with a name for this blog, I quickly realized that I couldn’t relate it to just one subject. Instead, I realized that everything that I’m interested are the topics that will someday define my generation. After giving a day’s worth of thought (and some research showing that some of my ideas were already taken), I came up with the Gen-Y Student. I will be posting about my thoughts on shows, music, and current events, with the hopes of hearing everyone’s own thought and opinions. My classes and experiences at college with also provide some ideas for posts, which I hope will also spark some interest.

Feel free to send comments, feedback or anything else to